Jamie Foxx Says This Director Called Him "Horrible" Before Kicking Him "The F–K Out"

This year, for THRs actor roundtable interview, they spoke with Shia LaBeouf, Robert DeNiro, Adam Sandler, Jamie Foxx, Adam Driver and Tom Hanks. All of whom have had a long and varied career, but the one thing they all have in common is their passion for their craft..Jamie recalled one particularly tough moment for him early in his career, “I remember Oliver Stone, when I first auditioned [for Any Given Sunday], he was like, ‘Youre horrible..And I was like, ‘What?.He was like, ‘Just get the f–k out of here..As Im walking out he said, ‘Jamie Foxx, slave to television..But I learned from that toughness,” he shared. Charles W..MurphyShia also chimed in with his experience with the director while working on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps..”He would never look me in the eyes,” he revealed..”He always looked just above my eye, to the eyelid.”Regardless of that experience and what it taught him, Jamie also revealed that if he could go back and do any of it again, he wouldnt change a single thing. move close Now PlayingUp NextJamie Foxx Says Taron Egerton Has an Amazing Singing Voice”If I gave myself any advice, I would have gone left instead of right, then I probably wouldnt have ended up in this situation,” he shared about what he would tell his younger self..”I wanted to be married and work at Kodak—and all that sort of fell through..So, boom!.I said, ‘Im on my way and Ill figure it out.. More details

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