Gigi Hadid Is Completely Unrecognizable As a Brunette

Not to mention, shes bringing edgy back to the fashion world in these photos. Gigi isnt afraid to shake up the status quo when it comes to her look, and its good to see her working relationship with Chanel get even stronger, especially considering how she saved their show in early October. Watch Gigi Hadid Saves Chanels Fashion Show as YouTuber CrashesGigi stopped a prankster from messing up the runway show during Chanels show at Paris Fashion Week at the Grand Palais..When the intruder, whos been identified as YouTuber and comedian Marie Benoliel (a.k.a. Marie SInfiltre), jumped on stage and started walking alongside the models, Gigi was there to put the prankster firmly in her place until security provided extra backup. move close Now PlayingUp NextGigi Hadid Saves Chanels Fashion Show as YouTuber CrashesLooks like shes got Chanels back and Chanels got hers! E!.News returns weekday mornings at the beginning of 2020!TAGS/ Gigi Hadid , Hair , Transformation , Models , Chanel , Celebrities , Top Stories , Apple News. More details

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