Extreme Love Puts the Spotlight on Mermaids, Clown Sex and More

YouTubeLove comes in all shapes and sizes, and youll see that on display in Extreme Love when it returns for a second season on WE tv.The series, which features some veterans from other reality shows, like Extreme Cougar Wives Hattie, tells the “unusual real-life love stories that prove there is someone for everyone.”The second season kicks off on Friday, Jan..3 with an hour-long episode featuring a woman in love with a Boeing 737..Thats Michele, a woman who is “deeply in love” with a Boeing 737 and gets her chance to visit an airport hanger for a special first date..There, shes wowed by a romantic surprise, WE tv says.Photos Real or Fake?.The Truth About Your Favorite Reality TV ShowsExtreme Loves season two premiere also includes Texie, a 3-foot-6-inch exotic performer who has just secured a big gig, but her girlfriends jealousy could get in the way of her success..Viewers will also meet Wade and Michelle, a couple from Tennessee who engage in role play at all times..Wade is the very stern “daddy” who hands out discipline when Michelle, the “little,” misbehaves..Their private activities go public when Michelle throws a tantrum in public and Wade has to react with all eyes on him.move close Now PlayingUp Next9 Reality TV Stars Sentenced to Jail TimeThe trailer above also gives a glimpse of whats to come in the eight-episode season..There are furries, mermaids, Hattie the cougar, first cousins, a full-time baby, clowns and more..Take a look above, and just a warning, it might not be suitable for work screens.Extreme Love premieres Friday, Jan..3 at 9 p.m..on WE tv following Love After Lockup.TAGS/ Reality TV , TV , Top Stories , Apple News , Entertainment , Weird. More details

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