Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel Officially Have a Celebrity Couple Name

move close Now PlayingUp NextWhats Jonathan Scott & Zooey Deschanels Couple Name?Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanelare officially a thing, and you know what that means: its time for their celebrity couple name!In an interview with E!.News, the Property Brothers star reacted to the new computer-generated couple name he and Deschanel have been given..But before revealing the name, E!s Jason Kennedyasked the HGTV star to guess what it could be..His best guess?.”Zooanathan?” Close, but not quite!As Kennedy responded, “I got something better for you: Jonaooey..Just let it marinate.” You heard it here first, folks..Jonaooey is Scott and the New Girl alums official celebrity couple name!When asked if he thinks that name could pick up steam, Scott teased, “Where would that pick up steam, though?.Whos investing in that?.I dont know.” Eventually, the star caved and admitted, “It definitely sounds better than what I came up with..But, yeah..I like it.”Of course, that name is a little hard to memorize, so the 41-year-old later asked for a refresher..”Ive never heard that,” he responded before joking, “It could be worse.. More details

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