Influencer Miroslava Duma Was "Given 7 Months to Live" After Rare Lung Disease Diagnosis

and love your family ????‍????‍????‍????????????????” Mother Teresa A post shared by Miroslava Duma (@miraduma) on Oct 13, 2019 at 4:06am PDT”I now realise that these past months were also the most creative months of my entire 34 years,” Duma says..”Yet success to me today is not measured by external indicators anymore, but by whats inside..It is measured by my own health, and the health of those I love..It is measured by how I choose to contribute to the world.”move close Now PlayingUp NextAriana Grande, Justin Bieber & More Open Up About Mental Health”For the past 2 years, the Universe caused me to experience a number of remarkably serendipitous events that sometimes felt surreal; like how a silly mistake, made by my lawyer, led me to an early diagnosis, and gave me a chance to live,” she shares..”I saw signs everywhere..As if someone was telling me: dont give up..Today I continue to follow my big dream, and genuinely believe it can help save our planet..No matter what..And against all odds..One day I hope Ill be able to tell you all about it.”Duma concludes her post with this message, “And most importantly: Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life, I love you with all my heart (and my lungs [nerd face emoji).”TAGS/ Health , Apple News , Top Stories , Celebrities , Instagram. More details

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