Harry Styles Is Heartbreakingly Sad and Lonely in "Adore You" Video Trailer

As the narrator explains, Eroda is “shaped unmistakably like a frown” and is “home to an all but forgotten fishing village that has had perpetual cloud cover for as long as anyone can remember.”The narrator later refers to Styles as “The Boy,” who has been “peculiar” from the “moment he entered the world.” We then see Styles stunning smiling literally set an umbrella on fire.”No one ever meant to be mean towards him, but in a town grown used to way things were, no one knew what to do with something….different,” the narrator says..”They did their very best to ignore it, hoping it would go away, and eventually so did The Boy..He had lost his smile and without it the world grew darker, the wind colder, and the ocean more violent.”Watch Ryan Gosling Talks Making Harry Styles Heart Rate JumpWe later see Styles in the water, looking out at the ocean waves..Its during this time that he spots a fish on a rock and decides to toss it back into the ocean.It appears that Styles realizes in this moment that he and the fish are both just trying hard to find their place in the world, much like everyone else.As Styles fans will remember, the 25-year-old artist previously told Rolling Stone that his new album will be about “having sex and feeling sad.” And, from the looks of this trailer, it appears that Styles is staying true to his word.move close Now PlayingUp NextHarry Styles Gives Back to Times Up & More Good CausesThe official “Adore You” video premieres on Friday, Dec..6.Watch Daily Pop weekdays on E!.at 12 p.m.TAGS/ Harry Styles , Music , Apple News , Top Stories , Celebrities , Videos. More details

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