Bah, Humbug! The Worst Christmas Movies of All-Time

Choice Review: “Let it melt!” Article continues below Columbia Pictures Christmas With the Kranks While Tim Allen proved to have the holiday spirit with his blockbuster Santa Clause trilogy, the magic wore off for this 2004 family comedy, with the Home Improvement star and Jamie Lee Curtis playing a couple frantically trying to put together a Christmas event in less than 24 hours after their adult daughter reveals shes going to be returning home after all?.Despite Allen and Curtis comedic talents, there was so salvaging this hammy and clunky Christmas mess and it has the 5% Rotten Tomatoes rating to prove it. ..Choice Review: “Stinks like the unrefrigerated ham its studio sent me as a promotion several months ago.” Miramax Bad Santa 2 Alternate title for this unnecessary and unfunny sequel to the surprise hit dark comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton..2 Bad 4 Santa. ..Choice Review: “We have long hoped that there might one day be a sequel..We need to be careful what we wish for.” CBS Films Love the Coopers Ah, nothing brings the family together during the holidays quite like divorce, right..Desperate for one last perfect Christmas as a fam, Diane Keaton and John Goodman play a couple planning to divorce just after their adult children visit for the holidays..(Well let you guess what happens.) The movie wastes a majority of its stacked cast (Olivia Wilde, Anthony Mackie and Alan Arkin, oh my!) and just tries way too hard to hit you in your holiday feels..Example: A dog narrates the movie. ..Choice Review: “Dreck the Halls..O Unholy Night!.Jingle Hell.” Article continues below Twentieth Century-Fox Miracle on 34th Street OK, heres the thing: the 1994 remake isnt a bad movie, its just a completely unnecessary one. More details

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