Alien Conspiracy Theories and Cold Feet Fill 90 Day Fiancé

And thats where they stand.During the meeting with her friends, Mike said he doesnt believe in religion/God, but he does believe in aliens and said they were involved in the creation of life???Robert and Anny?.Robert is still holding onto the pictures on social media, Anny is still unhappy and said he needs to get rid of them if he wants to marry her!.Whats a couple to do..Go take a boxing class, of course..Their instructor sort of served like a counselor, listening to each side..He said hed be surprised if they last two months together.After the previous meeting in park, Robert sat down with Brysons grandparents, porn star grandma Stephanie and Ben..Robert made it clear that Stephanie crossed the line asking Anny about birth control (Stephanie said does Robert really need a sixth child?) and Stephanie agreed and said shed make it right with Anny and asked to be invited to the wedding..Ben, meanwhile, asked if its really love or if Robert is just happy to have Anny there as a babysitter and a maid.move close Now PlayingUp NextJuliana Admits to Getting Michael Drunk When They MetMichael and Juliana..Its moving time for Michael and Juliana and that means new furniture..While shopping, Julianna asked Michael about a display case..It was a sea sponge..”I watch Bob Sponge,” Juliana said.. More details

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