Time for a Lodge Family Meeting (Secret Sister Included) in Riverdale Sneak Peek

Watch the clip above! Watch KJ Apa & Charles Meltons Leopard Halloween Costumes ExplainedBasically the Lodges arent on their way to being one big happy family any time soon. In tonights episode, while Veronicas dealing with this wild family situation, Archie continues to try to protect the neighborhood kids from the sketchy Dodger, and Betty and Jughead try to figure out whats up with those Baxter Brothers books while also trying to decide if their half-brother Charles can be trusted or not. Everybody but Archies now got a sketchy half-sibling on this show, though at this point we wouldnt be surprised if Archie discovers his own long-lost secret relative..We also wouldnt be surprised if Hermosa and Charles teamed up for some secret sibling shenanigans. Riverdale is also currently in the midst of trying to convince us that Jughead is going to die during Spring Break, but were not so convinced. “Hereditary” airs tonight at 8 p.m..on The CW. TAGS/ Riverdale , TV , Top Stories , Entertainment , Apple News , Celebrities. More details

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