Shameless Will Probably Be Back for a Season 11

We have oddly moved into the zeitgeist of what is actually being discussed in the country.” While the show has lost Emmy Rossum and lost and then re-gained Cameron Monaghan, it sounds like Macy is the only actor whose exit would signal the end of the show. “Doing it without Bill would be tough,” Wells said..”His is the character its hard to imagine ever going anywhere.” Watch Emmy Rossum Says Goodbye to ShamelessRossum announced her exit in August 2018 with a long, emotional Facebook post about the family she had built on the show..Her final episode aired in March and found Fiona heading off on her own when she realized her family would finally be OK without her. Cameron Monaghan announced his exit in October 2018 and then his character, Ian, headed off to prison..Then in January, Shameless was renewed for season 10 with Monaghan on board..He later explained that after he took some time away, he “got to a place both creatively and financially where [he] felt comfortable coming back.” Noel Fisher is joining Monaghan for his return, as Ian and his ex-boyfriend Mickey have reunited in prison and the rest of the family is basically enjoying business as usual. Wells has had to deal with writing out characters in much worse situations before..In the THR interview, he recalled working on The West Wing when John Spencer, who played Chief of Staff Leo McGarry, died in the middle of the seventh season.”When someone pursues something else in their life, its sad, but you know theyre going to see them again,” he said..”It seemed difficult to think about how we would continue.” Shameless returns this Sunday at 9 p.m..on Showtime. TAGS/ Shameless , TV , Top Stories , Entertainment , Apple News , Celebrities. More details

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