Prince Harry Proves His Son Archie Is Already the Cutest Rugby Fan

When asked if he would have spoken publicly about his diagnosis had the press not gotten involved, Thomas said “absolutely not.” However, he is now trying to put an end to HIV stigmas.”Going public with living with HIV has been very empowering and I want to help others to show them they dont need to live in fear and live in shame, because you can still live with HIV and be healthy and live a normal life,” he said.Watch Prince Harry Follows in Late Mom Princess Dianas FootstepsAfter Thomas shared his diagnosis, Harry and Prince William took to social media to show their support. “Courageous as ever—legend on the pitch and legend off it,” the Duke of Cambridge tweeted in September..”You have our support Gareth..W.””Gareth, you are an absolute legend!” Harry wrote on Instagram..”In sharing your story of being HIV+, you are saving lives and shattering stigma, by showing you can be strong and resilient while living with HIV..We should all be appalled by the way you were forced to speak your truth, it is yours and yours alone to share on your terms and I and millions stand with you.” Harry has been working to erase HIV stigmas for years..Hes publicly gotten tested a number of times, including with Rihanna in 2016..His mother, Princess Diana, also worked to educate the public on HIV during her lifetime.On Friday, Thomas, who was recently named a member of the Trusts HIV Commission, said “the support from the royals has been magnificent.””And its not just for me,” he said, “its to show that we accept people living with HIV and that carries an enormous weight.”TAGS/ Prince Harry , Archie Harrison , Sports , Royals , Celebrities , Top Stories , Apple News. More details

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