Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Are Competing With the Jonas Brothers to Impress Their Kids

“My husband…makes good pancakes or [when he] lifts something heavy, hell always look at them and go, Ooh the Jonas Brothers wish they could be me.”And now, the girls are joining in, too. Watch Kristen Bells Kids Know All the Frozen 2 Secrets”My littlest—she was on the swing and she jumped off at the height of the swing and she landed on the ground and we thought that she was going to cry and she turned around and looked at us and she goes, the Jonas brothers wish they could be me.”Kids say the darndest things, indeed—like when they think Bell is in her 80s. “I asked them on the morning of my birthday how old they thought I was turning,” she recalled..”The little one goes, Um 63.”As for 4-year-old Deltas sister, 6-year-old Lincoln, her answer of 89 wasnt much better. “Theyre brutal!” she quipped..”But, I took it as a compliment because I thought maybe I just look great to them.”We wonder how old they think the Jonas Brothers are. TAGS/ Kristen Bell , Jonas Brothers , Dax Shepard , Celeb Kids , Celebrities , Top Stories , Apple News. More details

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