Fresh Off the Boat Canceled After 6 Seasons

Well miss the Huang family and are eternally grateful for the incredibly heartfelt stories they have told these past six seasons,” ABCs Karey Burke said in a statement.Wu and the show made headlines when the show was renewed and Wu reacted with a series of tweets..”So upset right now that Im literally crying..Ugh..F–k,” Wu wrote after the renewal news broke in May..”F–king hell.”A day later, she clarified her comments..”I love FOTB,” Wu wrote..”I was temporarily upset yesterday not bc I hate the show but bc its renewal meant I had to give up another project that I was really passionate about..So my dismayed social media replies were more about that other project and not about FOTB.”In a lengthy note, Wu explained she had to give up a project she was excited about in order return to the show for the sixth season..”I was disappointed in not being able to do that other project—Because that other project would have challenged me as an artist—that other project would have been really hard and not easy or pleasant at all,” she said..”Sometimes even my closest friends are baffled at how I could value artistic challenge/ difficulties over success/happiness..But I do..I know its weird.”ABCWhile promoting Hustlers, Wu further explained her comments.”I had this moment of heat where I got upset because I had to give up a job I had been looking forward to and had been chasing for a while,” she told the Los Angeles Times.. More details

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