Kristen Bell Reveals the Biggest Thing She and Dax Shepard Will Always Disagree On

Bell just cant hold it back anymore and maybe the color never bothered Shepard anyway.move close Now PlayingUp NextKristen Bell Plays Ring My Bell and the Results Are HilariousThe Good Place star also talked about how she and Shepard organize their busy lives and schedules and make sure to prioritize self-care. “We try to have the best communication possible,” Bell explained..”To me, balance is a four-letter word, its just such a swear in our house..Youre never gonna feel it.. Youre never gonna feel balanced or right.” Bell shared that the family has a special calendar where “e veryone adds their priorities whether thats Im going to be home late this night so you gotta know that everything is on you or call a sitter or I need some self-care this Saturday.” Once they see whats on the calendar, they “try to compromise” from there. View this post on Instagram I drank Kristen's Kool-Aid..Let's see where this goes..A post shared by Dax Shepard (@daxshepard) on Aug 29, 2018 at 10:46pm PDTTaking care of oneself is very vital in their household..Shepard has been known to post selfies or Instagram Story videos of himself wearing face masks or eye patches, and Bell revealed that she makes him do it.”He doesnt instinctively put effort into [self-care], but hes always in my medicine cabinet trying my serums,” she divulged.Michael Kovac/Getty Images With springtime finally here and Easter right around the corner, the 38-year-old shared some secrets about her sweet tooth as well as their own family traditions for the big holiday.The Veronica Mars star admitted that she has “a huge sweet tooth” even though she avoids sugar most of the time..Theres one main caveat, though, if she were to indulge in a treat..”I do it very few and far between, but when I do it, its gotta be worth it,” she said..Bell added, “Theres no one main road map but my goal is to make it worth it..I just dont want a bunch of sugar or chocolate if its just average.” She then quoted the oft-repeated Oscar Wilde line, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” The parents of two have some fun Easter traditions as well..They do an egg hunt with their daughters and “15 of their little friends” and they “hide little recyclable plastic eggs and we put quarters in them and chocolate.”Bell and Lim played a quick game called “Ring My Bell” where the star had to ring the bell every time she did something that was mentioned.. More details

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